80386 Programmer's Reference Manual -- Opcode CLTS

CLTS -- Clear Task-Switched Flag in CR0

OpcodeInstructionClocks DescriptionExample
OF 06clts 5 Clear task-switched flagclts


TS Flag in CR0 := 0;


CLTS clears the task-switched (TS) flag in register CR0. This flag is set by the 80386 every time a task switch occurs. The TS flag is used to manage processor extensions as follows:
  • Every execution of an ESC instruction is trapped if the TS flag is set.
  • Execution of a WAIT instruction is trapped if the MP flag and the TS flag are both set.
Thus, if a task switch was made after an ESC instruction was begun, the processor extension's context may need to be saved before a new ESC instruction can be issued. The fault handler saves the context and resets the TS flag.

CLTS appears in operating system software, not in application programs. It is a privileged instruction that can only be executed at privilege level 0.

Flags Affected

TS := 0 (TS is in CR0, not the flag register)

Protected Mode Exceptions

#GP(0) if CLTS is executed with a current privilege level other than 0

Real Address Mode Exceptions

None (valid in Real Address Mode to allow initialization for Protected Mode)

Virtual 8086 Mode Exceptions

Same exceptions as in Real Address Mode

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